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If you are thinking about giving yourself a pedicure, but are not sure what tools you need, you have turned to the right place.  For a thorough pedicure there are several tools you will need to complete your mission:


*Warm Water

*Foot Salt


*Cotton balls

*Nail Polish Remover

*Nail Clipper

*Nail File

*Nail Brush

*Base Coat

*Top Coat


The first thing you should do is soak you feet in a tub of warm water.  You can add Epsom salt or foot salt to soothe your feet.   You should have a towel handy to dry your feet.  You should also have cotton balls and nailpolish remover to take off the old nailpolish.  Next you will use a nail clipper and file to trim and shape your nails.  You should also use a nailbrush to clean your feet and nails before you start to apply any polish.  Make sure to use a top coat and bottom coat with your polish to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.  These are the basic steps to a pedicure.  There are other steps you can add if you want to get fancy, but this is a great starting point! Click here for more great info and deals on everything salon-related!

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